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Statement of Receipts for Memorial Art Gallery, 1919-20
Letter from Principal to Mr. E. Wyly Grier, September 25, 1924
Letter from Fred S. Haines to Mr. Alfred J. Pyke, May 18th
[Women's hockey team]
Letter about the Construction of a Memorial Gallery
Letter from A.H. Rein to Mrs. McArthur
[Young girl performers]
Prices for Portraits
Canadian Paintings Win Commendation
Saskatoon Collegiate Institute Statement of Receipts adn Disbursements, 1919-20.
Statement of Receipts and Disbursements, Library Society, 1919-20
Swimming Pool
Statement of Receipts for Memorial Art Gallery Fund, 1919-1920
Letter from Mary E. Davis to the Reunion Committee, June 16
Letter from A.J. Pyke to George Bonney, November 19, '44.
Nutana Tigers
Statement of Disbursements for Memorial Art Gallery Fund, 1919-20.
Letter from Adie K. Herman to Mr. Cameron, Dec 8th 1925
The Collegiate Pictures
Letter from GAB to Dean Basterfield, March 25, 1948