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Picnic - Forestry Farm
Hotel Luseland ‘46
Three Sisters
1st Baptist and St. John's Churches
Rosetown - Hotel
Crowd and view looking down hill to the west
St. Paul’s Hospital
The Prince of Wales Visits Saskatoon
Taken in Ottawa
Out to the lake - ‘41
Foreman’s house - Forestry Farm
Mother, Reggie, Gary, Ellie
St. Anthony’s Hospital - Pas
Hotel Vancouver
Ready for the trail
Stream near Buffalo Park
Main Street - Biggar
Main Street P.A. 1942
My Ford
C.N.R. Depot - Saskatoon
Bessborough Hotel
Holyrood Palace
Mayfair - University Streetcar
[Canadian Airways Limited plane]
Parliament Buildings, Toronto
Main St., Winnipeg
Qu’Appelle Lakes
Saskatchewan Farm
Palliser Hotel - Calgary
Sinclair Canyon
Bear River, N.S.
Winnipeg C.P.R. Station and Hotel
Winnipeg Street Scene
Bassano Dam