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[Recreation Room, N.C.O's Quarters Barrack Block]
[Carpenter and Blacksmith shops, Scouts Quarters, Tailor]
[Officer's Quarters]
[Sergeant Major Vickery's Quarters]
[Assistant Surgeon Fraser and Superintendant Primrose's Quarters]
Procession Decoration Day Rosetown
[Inspector Duffin's House and Superintendent Dean's Quarters]
[Orderly Room, Officer's Mess, Guard Room, N.C.O's Quarters]
FT. Saskatchewan from Bastion
[North-West Mounted Police Barracks, c. 1886]
Barracks and Town Fort Saskatchewan
S.S. Picnic, Sept 7, 1903.
G.A. French
Saskatoon Looking North 1903
Decoration Day Parade
[Lindemere Homestead in Winter]
[North-West Mounted Police Headquarters]
[Herd of cattle grazing]
[Mr. R. Lindemere and daughter Mary]
[Picnic, Sweetgrass Reserve]
[Lindmere Family in front of house]
[Captain John French- North West Mounted Police]
Captain F.H. French
[Sergeant's Mess, Barrack Block]
[Mr. R. Lindemere on horseback]
[Bowling Alley, Sick Stable, Canteen, Q.M. Store (office), Store House}
[Hospital, Tinsmith's Shop, Transport Shed]