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Ivy McVicar Prairie River Museum Story [Audio]
Plowing with a steam engine
Threshing crew
Two steam engines
Un guide Extra. pour la Montagne des Cyprès
Costumes guerriers
Aboriginal woman having tea by a sod shack
Family friends
Mr. and Mrs. Egg
Mama and her dog
Hunting moose
Line of Aboriginal women
Railroad construction crew camp
White spectators at a pow wow
Aboriginal man holding a hat
Aboriginal couple
Aboriginal man sitting in a chair with a hat and a watch chain
Aboriginal man with white gloves
Wagon approaching the White Bear Indian Reservation in the Moose Mountain
The White Bear Indian Reservation in the Moose Mountain around 1907
Man photographed by H.H. Pittman
Field of stooked grain after a snowstorm
Mr. and Mrs. Lawford
Two women standing, two sitting
John Peters threshing
Scarrow family
Brother and sister
Charles Henry Watkins