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Middleton, Qu'Appelle to A.P. Caron, Ottawa re authorize 3 momths field allowance?
T.G. Lyons, Whitwood to Lieutenant Governor Dewdney, Regina re Indians south well armed, threaten to fight Red Coats.
Middleton, Qu'Appelle to Colonel Jackson, Winnipeg re General Strange's requisition for arms, et cetera.
Middleton, Fort Qu'Appelle to Colonel Jackson, Winnipeg re give outfit supplies, arms and ammunition to G.W.R. White.
H.P.T., Winnipeg to J.M. Egan re time table of special with Queen's Own.
E.T. Galt, Moose Jaw to Sir A.T. Galt, Montreal re telegraph line built to Fort Macleod at once - borrow things from Van Horne.
W.D. Otter, Qu'Appelle to Colonel Montague, c/o J.M. Egan re please sign transport requisition for Queen's Own.
E. Dewdney, Moose Jaw to J. McDonald, Ottawa re get Galt to build telegraph line to Fort Macleod.
Middleton, Qu'Appelle to General Terry, St. Paul re Grosventrers and Crows sending war party via Cyprus Hills - this true?
Whitewood to Editor - Sun, Brandon re no Indian trouble in Whitewood.
Middleton, Qu'Appelle to Osborne Smith, Winnipeg re report to Major Strange on arrival.