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Robert Simonar, Dennis Lehmann, Frank Zawada, Leon Primeau, Doug Haroldson - leveling ice surface at Shell Lake Curling Rink
[Man standing in front of long building]
[J.J. Cennon interviewing adolescent]
Frank Zawada
[J.J. Cennon interviewing woman]
Frank Zawada, Dave Saam, Dennis Lehmann, Raymond Eberle, Robert Simonar
1912 Christian Diesen Plowing the first furrow on NW 26 49-8-W 3rd
[J.J. Cennon interviewing man]
Sport Days 1916
[Cauldron holding flame as man passes torch to boy]
[Boy holding torch]
[J. Ross Paisely and cat]
[Man smoking cigarette holds torch]
Elsie ane Cyril Mayo - Married June 6, 1945
[Tintype of Louis Simonar Sr. - Ed Simonar's father]
Shell Lake Spring 1948
[Man with fish]
[J.J. Cennon broadcasting for CKBI]
Frank Zawada, Dave Saam, Raymond Eberle
[J.J. Cennon interviewing older man]
Frank Zawada Our Esteemed Leader
[Cauldron holding flame with crowd in background]
Mr & Mrs Jonas Erickson - married December 24, 1896
Raymond Eberle, Dave Saam, Dennis Lehmann, Frank Zawada
[Man pointing]
[Man speaking into microphone]
Frank Zawada, Raymond Eberle, Robert Simonar - leveling ice surface at Shell Lake Curling Rink
Dave Saam, Frank Zawada
[J.J. Cennon interviewing woman]
[Children playing baseball]
Robert Simonar, Frank Zawada, Earl Iverson, Raymond Eberle, Dennis Lehmann