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Dan Cameron
60th Wedding Anniversary of Mr and Mrs F. Kristoff
Catechism Class in 1967 Rev. Julius Nagy
Dan Cameron
Mr and Mrs Raymond Doka Wedding October 16th 1965
Ferenc Kristoff's Funeral
Unknown People
Kipling Co-op Guild 1960
Mr and Mrs Raymond Doka Wedding October 16th 1965
75th Anniversary of Esterhazy 1961
William (Bill) A. Riddell - ca. 1961
Dan Cameron
W. knight Wilson
Ferenc Kristoff's Funeral Pallbearers (His Grandsons)
Elise Bona Daughter of Louise Bona. May 7, 1960
Sunset Ceremony - ca. 1962
Mr and Mrs Elk Beresh 50th Wedding Anniversary February 7th 1968.
Rites and Ceremonies - Physical Education Centre
Mr and Mrs. Frank Kristoff's 50th Wedding Anniversary
Barbara and Ben Daku Best Men, Bridesmaids 50 years later.
Rites and Ceremonies - Project I - Sod-turning
Orth and Simon Wedding
Unknown People
50th Wedding Anniversary for Mr and Mrs F. Kristoff
Buildings - Main Campus - ca. 1967.
A funeral at the Bekevar Church (Connected to F. Fonagy)
Dr. John Archer Library