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Letter from H.E. Bowes to The Director of the Art Gallery, May 2, 1960
Saskatchewan Rover Round Table Moot invitation letter
Letter to Postmaster at Shell Lake Post Office from J. Ross Paisley
Letter from A.I. Bereskin to John Steinhaurer, November 21, 1962
Letter from Edward Wedge to Mrs. Lea Collins, June 27, 1962.
Letter from W.F. Cooke to Mr. L.H. Patterson, October 5, 1966.
Letter from Barbara Feldman to G.A. Bonney, April 15, 1962
Letter from A.H. Rein to Mr. R. Pinder, November 27, 1967
Shaunavon and District Golden Jubilee letter
Letter from MHGC to Mr. H.E. Bowes, May 5, 1960