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Riel Rebellion, 1885; telegrams; Mounted Rifles; detachments
Can you leave horses where they are and caboose if so men will remain with them. I suppose this sleeper will be Kept at Winnipeg for us and other officers of second artillery detachment arriving at Winnipeg tomorrow C E Montizambert
Grenadiers Camped at Touchwood tonight expect to reach Salt plains tomorrow night all well mild tonight flurries of snow today General Middleton 35 miles from here on Salt plains Pike
Col Grassetts' command left Pt Arthur 1045 am 6 Coaches 1 Bage 1 Car Frt, 45 officers & 315 men H T W What regiment is this         HPT
Kindly mention to Mr Egan that General Laurie called to ask that there might be no mistake about his getting his passage on the train leaving at 5 with troops for Qu Appelle also having berth in Pullman 7/4, 85 1.20 p.m.
R.G. Laurie, Battleford to Free Press re Indians threaten Battleford.
Steamer Northcote arrived at Junction Swift Current Creek today with two barges C Shields
I have done all I can to order arms for you - Longrifles are the proper arms for mounted Infantry which is the proper force to use? I presume Quinet has tents & Osborne Smith will not move without them as I ordered them a supply, officer has been sent to
will supply air brake engine for troop special west at 9 pm S Phipps
My Dear Mr Egan Ald Carruthers & myself Called this pm to see fare as to when troops will arrive here &  in what numbers. The city purpose giving them a reception provided the Government join & in conversation with Mr Norquay he left the whole matter with
Military Special left Brandon 1222 am passed Moosomin 550 am End 84 not making good time acct heavy train & very strong head wind Stock. Emigrant train left Emerson 1 am arrived Winnipeg 430 am 2d Stock train left Emerson 545 am train with Col Otter left
Agent Moosomin Expects they will want to Start Saturday He will Know Soon as Herchmer Who is at oak lake is heard from Will have Cars there for them J Murray
W. White, Swift Current to Major Bell, Queen's Hotel, Winnipeg re clerks left with Armit - ration supply nil.
Riel Rebellion, 1885; telegrams
Capt Seeger "    Russell Win McKeen Ed Hutchings
At a meeting of settlers held 8 miles from Calgary today at John Glenns an association was formed called the Alberta Settlers Rights association with a large initial membership meeting was held in response to private call. Samuel Livingston was elected pr
Copy J M E Wpg Have ninth battalion ready to move if required who authorized Scoble & Altwood to act temporily send fifty stand of arms & one thousand rounds of ammution to Mr Brisbois Minnedosa F Middleton
I have nothing special except the ninth is to be held in readiness to move to the front. Please keep me informed as to probable time of arrival of troops from the east Truly yours W.H. Jackson
Genl Middleton desires me to apply to you for fifty rifles to arm a Mounted rifle company organized here also ammunition pls ship in bage car on through train leaving tomorrow am & if possible prepay charges J h McIlree Supt N W M Police
ok will furnish 300 three hundred tons coal to Galt C Shields
Fourth regiment Nothing definite as to when they will reach Red Rock left Jack Fish last night Pt Arthur
Troops just this morning arrived Red Rock & guns &  outfit are following about mile behind Pt Arthur 515 pm
Outfit train with Commanding officer & some of staff left Lavanne 720 am & balance of 1st detachment expect leave Nepigon about noon or 2 pa Pt Arthur
Adams presents his compliments and is very much obliged to M Egan for communicating with him.  Will see the Adjutant General and give an answer as quick as possible
Riel Rebellion, 1885; telegrams
Copy J M E Winnipeg Indian matters are quiet no danger apprehended here Lieut Governor arrived here yesterday from west & proceeded to Cluny where he met with grand reception from Blackfoot grand council was held last night at Blackfoot Crossing Crowfoot
Mr Niblock wires me to crowd my men so that he can get coach to back to Nepigon. our men can crowd into caboose & box cars with horses from Rat Portage thereby giving you the 1st class carriage now occupied by them-must have coach or caboose prefer caboos