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Dawn on the trail to Old Fort Pitt
Two Mountains - a fine rolling valley between Onion Lake and Frog Lake
Thomas Quinn et al. Fort Pitt 1884
Francois Dufresne; escaped from Frenchman's Butte, 1885
Frenchman's Butte - Battle ground from the Butte itself looking about N.E.
Boat landing platform - Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan River
Trail to Old Fort Pitt
Gradual slope to Site of Old Fort Pitt Looking E.  Fort Pitt Sask  Oct.1-1947
Looking east from Frenchman's Butte
Frenchman's Butte
John Hall - Onion Lake - ex-mounted police
Fort Pitt Cairn
All That's Left of Old H.B. Warehouse-at Ft. Pitt, 1885  Onion Lake Sask Oct.1-1947
Fort Pitt N.W.M.P. detachment, 1884
Warehouse of HBC at Onion Lake, One of the original buildings of Fort Pitt
R.H. Houghan, old Ft. Pitt Ranch Sask.
Cairn at old Ft. Pitt erected by R.H. Houghan
Fort Pitt [viewed from Frenchman Butte)