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[Postcard views of Morse]
[Wedding photo]
Morse Livery Feed & Sale Stable Stevens Bros. Prop.
[Main streets]
[Portrait of a man]
[Family in front of homestead shack]
[Morse, Sask.]
[Postcard views of Morse]
Main St West Side. Morse Sask
[General store interior]
[Morse Main Street]
[Portrait of Ella Greb, Alex Korb, and Emma Greb]
[Young man wearing apron in store]
[Portrait of couple]
[Gordon Huber]
[Portrait of Alex Korb and Ella Greb]
Rachel Murdock (nee Richardson)
King Edward Hotel
[Dining room]
Grain Elevators, Morse, Sask.
[Toddler in white knit dress]
[Three young childen]
[Portrait of three women]
Rachel Murdock (nee Richardson)
[Elsie Steinhauer]
[Middle-aged couple]
[Young child on carved chair]
[Happy family photo]
[Three piece band]
[Studio portrait of toddler]
Morse Sask.
[Newlyweds outside of home]
Wedding couple