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Carbine, Winchester, Model 1876 and Carbine, Cavalry, Breech Loading Snider-Enfield, MK III
[Instructor's Residence, Red Pheasant Reserve]
Multiple Voices
[R.N.W.M.P. foot parade]
[Bridge in winter]
[Portrait of Ella Greb, Alex Korb, and Emma Greb]
[Confederation 1867-1927]
[Gordon Huber]
[Two children in horse-drawn buggy]
[Portrait of Alex Korb and Ella Greb]
[Four men in horse drawn buggy on prairie]
Fort Pelly, 1824-1912
[Toddler in white knit dress]
[Three young childen]
Veterans of R.N.W.M.P. Recall Early Frontier Days
100 Years of Heritage Conservation 1885-1985
John Hall - Onion Lake - ex-mounted police
[Elsie Steinhauer]
Voix multiples
[Four war medals]
[Seven war medals]
Lieut.-Col. Hugh Richardson
Flett's Springs Centenary
[R.N.W.M.P. detachment on horses]
[Studio portrait of toddler]
Historic Architecture of Saskatchewan
Moving a herd, Sierra Bonita Ranch, Arizona
St. Anthony Falls, Minnesota
At Sierra Bonita, roping a yearling, Arizona
Mr. and Mrs. Lawford
The Story of My Pioneer Days
First in Line
A Pioneer Story
My Life on a Homestead