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[Dog pulling child on sled]
[Two-and-a-half story house]
[Woman holding up dog]
[Woman sweeping front walk of house]
[Stone house along river]
[Woman standing on sidewalk]
[Double exposed photo - picnic over log structures]
[Two women]
[Large two-and-half story house]
[Two boys with two dogs]
[Carved statue]
[Woman sitting on large rock]
[Women riding donkeys up cobblestone street]
[Flock of chickens]
[Two women golfing]
[Woman sitting in chair next to dog]
[Two men playing tennis]
[Kitten prowling beside house]
[House and carved figure]
[Two men and two women sitting on steps]
[Kitten prowling in grass]
[Woman on stairs]
[House on corner of street]
[Three women in costumes]
[Chickens on a cobblestone street]
[Six women standing outside a small house]