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Donnelly-Wilkinson-Donnelly Outfit - 1909
[Threshing Crew]
[Threshing on Melfort Research Farm]
McDermott's Outfit - 1908
Reaping-Indian Head, Assinaboia, on Canadian Pacific Railway
1944 - Walter and Homer Kendall's threshing outfit at Prairie River
Harvesting with 8 four Horse Teams, Western Canada
Early 1900's Harvest - Leslie and Harvey Brown - Wide Awake
Threshing on Pugsley Farm, Indian Head, Sask
Canadian Harvesting Scene : Reaping Wheat
Reaping. Indian Head Assa. Canadian Pacific Railway.
C. McLean's Outfit - 1905
[Threshing Crew]
Canadian Harvesting Scene--Cutting the Grain
[Threshing Crew]
Walter Kendall's threshing machine
Colin McLean's Outfit
McDermott's Outfit - Indian Head - 1907
1941 Kendall's threshing crew at Earl Thompson's farm
Another snap of threshing
Threshing rye - 41
Great thresher at work, Manitoba, Canada
Threshing in Egypt
Steam thresher at work in a rice field, Texas
Sacking wheat by a great modern thresher, Manitoba, Canada
Hauling rice to the thresher, Texas