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Hudson's Bay Company store [Goldfields]
Canadian Airways Airplane on skis
[Town of Goldfields from lake]
[Dogs and sleds waiting in the snow]
[Barge at Goldfields]
[Plane CF-BAU at dock]
Water tower to the left of the other buildings
Snap taken from the top of the Imperial Oil gas tanks
The same gold brick after it is cooled. The bricks are sent to the mint in Ottawa where the gold is purified
First gold brick poured in Goldfields
[Men unloading cargo from plane onto dog sled]
Mine Shed
[Goldfields as seen from lake]
[People in front of the Beaverlodge Hotel]
[Airplane on floats at a dock]
[Canadian Airways Limited plane]
[Canadian Airways Limited plane]
[Airplane on floats at a dock]
Steps lead to the hospital
Liquor store at Goldfields
Dad [Lewis Gladstone]
[Man in front of store with bags of “Keynote Flour”]
Dad [Lewis Gladstone holding a large trout]
[Man standing on rocky shore]
[Log building burning in Goldfields]
[Barge No. 203 with a tugboat alongside]
[Small airplane on skis]
[Goldfields in winter]
[Boat "Porphyry" at dock]
Table art in the cookhouse for the banquet which celebrated the pouring of the first gold brick
Picture taken from that landform showing the docks etc. of the Consolidated Mine
[Goldfields on shore of Lake Athabasca]
[Man with his four dog team pulling sled]
[Airplane CF-BMW on skis on frozen lake]
[Forest fire from the summer of 1939]