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Workmen and Team of Horses Building Disposal Plant
Main Street Looking North from the C.P.R. Station
Fourth Avenue Bridge Nearing Completion of Construction
Digging Basement for Times Printing Block
Two Streetcars in Unloading Area
Digging Trenches for Water Mains
Construction of the Seaborn Apartment Block
Building Construction on High Street East
Collegiate Institute
Back Alley
MacDonald Company Building
Laying Sewer Pipes to the Disposal Plant
Several Teams of Horses at the C.P.R. Freight Shed
Workmen at Construction Site for a 3-Storey Building
Laying Rails for Street Rail System
Construction of Streetcar Barns
Beginning Construction on the Grayson Block
Robin Hood Mills
Workman and Team of Horses
Excavating Walter Scott Building
Unidentified Building Under Construction
Auto Club Receiving a Deputation at the C.P.R. Station
Construction of New Disposal Plant
Laying Tracks for Streetcar System
Distant View of Moose Jaw
Unidentified Building Under Construction
Moose Grocery Company Building
Streetcar Tracks at Intersection of Main Street and High Street
Building Construction
Codville Company Ltd.
Cutting Oats
Receiving a Deporation at the C.P.R. Station, Moose Jaw, SK.
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Office