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[Double exposed photo - picnic over log structures]
[Man sitting on log holding gun]
[Interior of abandoned log structure]
[Six women in swimsuits sitting on a log]
[Women sleeping on logs near a lake]
[Team of horses and men with load of logs]
[Woman chopping wood]
[Crowd gathered in front of log structures]
[Two teams of horses pulling logs]
[Floating cabin on fire]
[Mountain view]
Taken on Red Deer River in the time of log floats. It is of the cook shack Wannigan, on it are Jim Damon and Harry Smith
[Two loads of processed logs]
[Men chopping trees]
National Mills east of Hudson Bay
1929 - Load of logs and five horses at Orley, Saskatchewan
[Five women at a camp]
[Two log structures]
Hauling logs on sleigh with 18ft bunks
[Three women and a dog on a log]
North of Bannock
Log Drive
[Unfinished building]
The Pas Lumber Co.
Rosthern 1911
[Man standing next to cut trees]
[Woman drinking out of a bottle]
[Team of horses hauling large load]
Junction of Bow Falls and Spray
Bow Falls