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Gabriel Dumont's chair
Middleton Camp Trenches-Cleared for Breaking  Batoche, Sask Oct.1-1948
The unveiling of the monument commemorating Battle of Batoche
Old Batoche Ferry  Batoche Sask Oct.4-1948
Gabriel Dumont's Crossing- S. Sask. River - Near Fish Creek, Sask. Sept.30-1948
Historic Site - Battle of Mar.26, 1885-Carleton Road to Duck Lake, Sask. Oct.-1948
Church of St. Antoine de Padua at Batoche, 1930
Store Street in the Old Batoche of 1885  Batoche Sask Oct.1-1948
Middleton Camp Trenches Side Batoche, Sask Oct.1-1948
S. Sask. River Turns West, Then North to Batoche Batoche, Sask Oct.1-1948