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Shaunavon Savings and Credit Union, Limited Invitation to the Official Opening
Year Book - Whitemud League, Cypress Hills League, Gull Lake Club, Border League 1946
Fishery Regulations - Province of Manitoba and the North-West Territories - Order in Council
Shauavon Town and Community Dedicated to A Proud Past and Bright Future 1905-1955
Shaunavon Saskatchewan - Constant Progression
The Vigil of a Rover Scout
Official Opening Petrofka Bridge - September 26, 1962
Facts About Shaunavon, Saskatchewan booklet
Rover Scouts Principles, Policy, Practices
Game - No. 8 of 1893 - An Ordinance to Amend and Consolidate as Amended "The Game Ordinance"
Welcome to Your Elevator - Shaunavon - Nov. 4, 1977
Views of Saskatchewan
The Ku Klux Klan in Saskatchewan
Shaunavon Badgers Hockey and Baseball Club Yearbook 1969-70
General Hospital Indian Head