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[Count Imhoff's] Farm Home
[Grave of Matilda and Berthold Imhoff]
Outfit Camp - Detwiller & Fisher St. Walburg
Imhoff Studio and Farm Site [plaque]
Prepared Russian Charcoal. (Compressed.)
Miter Saw Jig
[Women and child at street corner]
Imhoff Studio Architecture and Frescoes
Publications viewable at the Imhoff Studio
B. Imhoff Pictorial Record of American and Canadian Churches
[Imhoff's residence]
[Imhoff property archways]
[Storage boxer for painting implements]
[Count Berthold Imhoff's painting shirt]
[Count Berthold Von Imhoff walking down Main Street, St. Walburg]
[Telegraph sent to B. Imhoff]
Count Berthold Von Imhoff
[Imhoff's  six children]
Imhoff's Studio in Reading, PA, corner of 11th and Green
[Count Berthold Imhoff's children]
-Loading Station- Detwiller & Fisher The Contractors
[W.A. Kingsland. "Chief Come-So-More" and His Tribe at Exhibition
Imhoff's advertisement in Boyd's Reading City Directory, 1914
Count Imhoff's Trophy
[Young Berthold Von Imhoff]
Berthold Imhoff Artist and Fresco Painter
Diploma of Honour
[Mounted Elk head and bust]
[Three boys with their big fish catch]
Historical Sketch of St. Peter's Abbey