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[Children riding decorated bicycles]
[U.C. Ladies Aid float]
[Car covered in streamers]
[Marching band leader]
[Native man holding bow]
[Indian Head Public School float]
[Man and woman in costume on horseback]
[Calf pulling cart]
[View of parade floats from rooftop]
[Horse-drawn floats]
[Native man in headdress and two boys on horseback]
SPCA Parade
[Two boys riding a white horse]
[Lady of the Lake - Kelowna float]
[Children in costumes with homemade float]
[Confederation parade floats]
[Man in western garments riding horse]
[Bagpipers marching]
[View of parade floats from rooftop with Union Jack]
[Marching band]
[Pony pulling chariot]
[Children and May Pole float]
[Boy in costumes on horseback]
[Three Native men in headdresses standing with a woman]
[Parade down Waskesiu street]
[Nine children in western outfits on ponies]
[Man and three children in hats in a car]
[Native man on horse back]
[Children in costumes riding decorated bikes]
[View of parade floats from rooftop]
[Marching band in costumes]
[Woman in sun hat on float]
[Children riding decorated bicycles]