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[Three men visiting]
Wakaw Base Ball Team 1913
Montana Steve and his trick horse "Flicker"
Montana Steve & Flicker
The Home of Silver Queen Flour
Dr. R. G. Scott
The attack on the rebels at Fish Creek
Historic Sites Cairn Mile 01.30 from Battlefield Fish Creek, Sask Sept.26-1948
[Montana Steve radio broadcast]
[Winter privy]
[Wakaw Lake resort village]
[Water tower under construction]
[Twelve in canoe]
[Wheat sheaves]
Montana Steve & Flicker
[Wakaw CN train station]
[John Diefenbaker in front of parent's homestead shack]
Peter Kowalczyk House Made from Batoche House Logs S. of Fish Creek Sask. Oct.1-1948
The Wakaw Horse Exchange. Livery Feed & Dry Barn
River Road-River Lots - River Concessions Near Fish Creek Sask Oct.1-1948
South Sask. River and Fish Creek Church Steeple Fish Creek, Sask Oct.1 1948
Montana Steve & Flicker
Repointed Path of Middleton's West Shore Men f1. Across River Fish Creek, Sask Sept. 29-1948
[John G. Diefenbaker with bamboo pole]
Harness Shop
Gabriel Dumont's Hot Spot Apr. 24, 1885 - Battle of Fish Creek, Sask. Sept.29-1948
McIntosh Farm House Site-Rebellion Trails Fish Creek, Sask Sept.29-1948
[John G. Diefenbaker in Wakaw]
Metal power wheel on bank of Frog Creek, Freighted from Qu'Appelle by oxen, 1884
Montana Steve & Flicker
[Wakaw fire]