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[Three men visiting]
Wakaw Base Ball Team 1913
Montana Steve and his trick horse "Flicker"
Montana Steve & Flicker
The Home of Silver Queen Flour
Dr. R. G. Scott
[Montana Steve radio broadcast]
[Winter privy]
[Wakaw Lake resort village]
[Water tower under construction]
[Twelve in canoe]
[Wheat sheaves]
Montana Steve & Flicker
[Wakaw CN train station]
[John Diefenbaker in front of parent's homestead shack]
The Wakaw Horse Exchange. Livery Feed & Dry Barn
Montana Steve & Flicker
[John G. Diefenbaker with bamboo pole]
Harness Shop
[John G. Diefenbaker in Wakaw]
Montana Steve & Flicker
[Wakaw fire]