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Margaret Oliphant's immigration and travel papers
1946 Alvin Kendall on cat and Stan Cassidy
[Bud Smith skidding with Twenty cat]
J.T. Rowan, J. Nickelson, Ken Moore loading logs with Jeep truck on Jammer
1944 B.F. Harris North of Bannock
Decking logs [loading logs] 1949
Ration book issued to Grant Oliphant for 1945-1946
1944 - Walter and Homer Kendall's threshing outfit at Prairie River
Cpl. LeRoy A. LeGrand's military decorations (front)
Jan. 1940 North of Bannock
Cpl. LeRoy A. LeGrand's "thank you" medals (front)
Ration book issued to Margaret Oliphant for 1945-1946
[Ken Moore with load of logs]
[Skidding short logs out of the bush]
"This is the saw mill"
Cpl. LeRoy A. LeGrand's military decorations (back)
[Skidding in bush]
Jan. 1940 Bannock logging camp
Jan. 1940 Bannock, SK 12km west of Prairie River
Kendall's spring 1946
Tea Chest
Souvenir From France 1944 (back)
The cook shack on the right, one of the shacks on the left, and a store house in the centre
Cpl. LeRoy A. LeGrand accepting Military Medal from Lieutenant Colonel R. L. Rutherford
Souvenir From France 1944 (front)
Lloyd Kendall - Breaking the hard way
[Ken Moore's John Deere]
Bill Kozak and John Ogurek with the D-2 cat
Walter Kendall's threshing machine
1941 Kendall's threshing crew at Earl Thompson's farm
Walter Kendall and friend at present site of Kendall's Service
Jan. 1940 Bannock, SK 12km west of Prairie River