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W.F. Gouin en route for Ottawa - - W. Dewan, Livery, Battleford, Dec. 20, 1901
Steam Threshing Outfit - Portage la Prairie, 1900
Donnelly-Wilkinson-Donnelly Outfit - 1909
Grand Avenue, Indian Head, Sask.
[Arthur Leach home on 612 Bell Street - Indian Head]
[Threshing Crew]
Dominion Land office Moose Jaw Canada
McDermott's Outfit - 1908
Empire Day - 1907
Threshing on Pugsley Farm, Indian Head, Sask
[Men and women on horseback with dogs]
Canadian Harvesting Scene : Reaping Wheat
Shipment of Binders, Portage la Prairie, 1886
Experimental Farm Scene, showing elevators at Indian Head, Sask
Third annual sports, Duck Lake, July 18th, 1891
C. McLean's Outfit - 1905
[Man walking across a street]
Third annual sports, Duck Lake, July 18th, 1891
Mr. Ernest Beckton's drivers Tootsie and Empress
Fair Day at Cannington Manor
[Threshing Crew]
Farm - Patterson's
[Experimental Farm at Indian Head]
A Family of Indians on their way to the Saskatoon Fair July, 1927
[Frank Douglas' farm house]
[Residential area]
Rjukanfos, the “foaming fall”, 800-feet leap, Norway
Fr. Gagnon - with horse Crossing Ferry
Street Scene, St. Ann