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Mac Thornton with "Lord Arnott"
GNR Thomas Edward (Ted) Lamb
W. Keffer's Farm & oxen north of Marshall
[Ayrshire barn and pump house]
Mr. and Mrs. Alf Hall's Homestead
The Ayrshire barn and herd.
Veranda of Cook's House, Tighnduin Farm, Hired Help 1910-1911
Walter Emanuel Jans
Armstrong Family Photo
Lieutenant Arthur Griffith Waldron
[Images of Allan and Robert Craig]
Hodgson Robert Y, R.C.A.F.
Harold R. Browne, R.C.A.F.
"Mac Thornton with Royal Blacon"
W. Wright's Homestead in Kepmton District
Wilfred Norman Dumont
Topott Homestead 1903
[Framework for Tignduin house]
Signalman Robert Alexander Campbell L110035
William Frederick Jans
Arthur Potts, R.C.A.F.