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Steam Threshing Outfit - Portage la Prairie, 1900
[Co-op presentation]
W. Keffer's Farm & oxen north of Marshall
[Team of four horses]
Moose Jaw - Bill Badenoch, Corley Martin, Leo Quigley - W.H. Gibson
[Man standing next to grain truck filling a grain bin with an auger]
Reaping-Indian Head, Assinaboia, on Canadian Pacific Railway
Carrying Grain to the Elevators, Saskatchewan, Canada
Harvesting with 8 four Horse Teams, Western Canada
The Ayrshire barn and herd.
Year '28 College of Agriculture University of Saskatchewan
Threshing outfit
Emil Julius Meilicke
The Downey's Threshing outfit
Canadian Harvesting Scene : Reaping Wheat
Irrigation, Lethbridge District, 1937
Shipment of Binders, Portage la Prairie, 1886
E.P. Ranch (horse drawn farm implement)
Horse drawn farm implement
Reaping. Indian Head Assa. Canadian Pacific Railway.
Cormac Delaney
Fair Day at Cannington Manor
Hon. Duncan Marshall, Minister of Agriculture for Ontario
W. Wright's Homestead in Kepmton District
Mr. and Mrs. David Fife
[Interior of a train car set up with displays]
Canadian Harvesting Scene--Cutting the Grain
Disking and Harrowing by Steam, in the Canadian West.
Oliver Anderson Haying June 29, 1916
[Four horses plowing]
[Threshing crew and Goodison threshing machine]
[Man crouching with dog next to grain truck and auger]
A crop of alfalfa
[Man winding twine]
Oatfields at Prince Albert, Sask.
Western Canada - Ploughing
Instruction Book A. Stanley Jones Gasoline Engine
Early power driven farm implement