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Indian Sports Carlyle
Indian women crushing berries
Back of ceremonial dress of the White Bear nation
Chief Jimmy Bigstone carrying a Union Jack flag
Chief Jimmy Bigstone, carrying a Union Jack flag, mounted on a horse
Indian Pow-wow Carlyle Sask. Mills
[Women.] Indian Pow-wow Carlyle Mills
Waseigenesh and his wife
Waseigenesh, his wife and a white couple
Waseigenesh sitting with his wife beside him
Aboriginal couple and white couple
Standing Aboriginal couple
Wastaoaks and his son
Aboriginal couple outside of a tipi
Aboriginal couple outside of a tipi with a buggy in the background
Wastaoaks at a pow wow
Andrew Littlechief on horseback
Two Aboriginal men in traditional dress
Dancers at the White Bear Indian Reservation
Indian Pow wow
Indian Pow-wow Carlyle