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[Elderly women in yard]
[Residential area in Saskatoon]
Imhoff's Residence
[Row of residential houses]
Students (General)
Home Beautification
[An ideal farm; Started poor, now rich; Party of American Homeseakers]
[House and yard lot]
Gravelbourg. Looking North
[Neighboring houses in Saskatoon]
Tommy Douglas
Saskatchewan Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.
[House in the winter]
[Well off neighborhood]
Methodist Church. Rosetown, Sask.
[Count Berthold Von Imhoff walking down Main Street, St. Walburg]
[Family posing in front of home]
[Gate to backyard]
[View of residential lot]
[Boy in front of home]
[Home by the river]
Neighborhood Saskatoon
[Family picnic]
Saskatoon: Twelve Photo-Type Post Cards
Regina Normal School - Students (General) - 1922-23