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This is a float made by the dry cleaners- square dancing on float - Lynia Eagie, Wally Dawayk, Ted Boychuck
Dog team resting on Churchill Street - from left Imperial Oil, Kay Freedman's Dry Goods, Hansford's Meat and Groceries
Hotel in Hudson Bay
Chatlain's Barber Shop sign
[Four men and three children in front of Ben's Place service station]
Churchill Street - Loiselle brothers with a load of logs in front of Ed Almond's Insurance office and R Loton's Drug Store
Marcotte Motors
[Parade down a Hudson Bay street]
1943 Haneford's Window Service Men
[Men in and around large truck]
Tina and I 1943
1943 Haneford's Window Service Men
Laura and Betty Lou 4 months
[Group of people in the street]