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Map of Western Canada: Manitoba, Alberta, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan and part of British Columbia
Canadian National Railways: selected farms in western Canada, millions of acres of finest agricultural land for settlement [Map]
Manitoba and the Northwest Territories of Canada showing the lines and land grant of the Canadian Pacific Railway
[Pull-out maps of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia]
Map of Western Canada; Map of the Canadian Pacific Railway and its Connections
Laurie's map of the North-West Territories: shewing [sic] the surveys now made and the railway and other routes thereto
Scarborough's new map of Saskatchewan
Map of Manitoba, Keewatin, British Columbia, & North West Territory shewing the country to be traversed by the [C.P.R.]
Map of Western Canada: Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Part of British Columbia
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Upper and Lower Canada, and the other British Possessions in North America
A New Map of Upper & Lower Canada from the Latest Authorities
A New and Accurate Map of Quebec and its Boundaries from a late Survey
British North America
Kaart van het westelijk gedeelte van Kanada, bevattende de vijf groote Meiren, met de omleggende Landen
Nieuwe Kaart van Kanada De Landen aan de Hudsons-Baay en de Noordwestelyke deelen van Noord-Amerika