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Lorne Finlayson and Robert Simonar
Robert Simonar, Dennis Lehmann, Frank Zawada, Leon Primeau, Doug Haroldson - leveling ice surface at Shell Lake Curling Rink
Dennis Lehmann, Frank Zawada, Robert Simonar, Leon Primeau
Roger Simonar, Earl Iverson, Dennis Lehmann
[J.J. Cennon interviewing adolescent]
Frank Zawada, Dave Saam, Dennis Lehmann, Raymond Eberle, Robert Simonar
It was very cold that night. Someone left their boots by the fire to warm up. In the morning the boots were melted
Dennis Lehmann, Ralph Simonar, Robert Simonar, Raymond Eberle, Earl Iverson
Model Scout Lorne Finlayson
Eberle all tied up ha - Raymond Eberle
Frank Zawada, Dave Saam, Raymond Eberle
Raymond Eberle, Robert Simonar, Dennis Lehmann
Robert Simonar, Raymond Eberle
Raymond Eberle, Dave Saam, Dennis Lehmann, Frank Zawada
Tents ready for bed
Frank Zawada, Raymond Eberle, Robert Simonar - leveling ice surface at Shell Lake Curling Rink
Dave Saam, Frank Zawada
Oct 8/60 Dennis and Robert
Sleepy heads - Dennis Lehmann and Raymond Eberle
[Rover Scout next to gear]
Leon Primeau and Ralph Simonar
[Adolescent reading from paper]
[Children playing baseball]
Robert Simonar, Frank Zawada, Earl Iverson, Raymond Eberle, Dennis Lehmann